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Aveilus listening to wife’s piano playing


I am in Aveilus for my Mother, toch yud beis chodesh. My wife likes to play piano it’s her hobby. Can she play while I am in the room doing something else? She is playing for herself. Also if yes can I sit and listen? I heard that if someone is playing I don’t have to ask them to stop, but does this apply to my wife as well?


Your wife is allowed to play on the piano even though you are going to hear the music, and yu don’t have to ask her to stop. The reason for this is that an avel does not have to leave the place that he is in because of the music. However you should not intentionally enjoy the music. Therefore to sit and listen would not be permitted,



Divrei Sofrim Aveilus 391- Emek Davar 7.

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