I recently came across a Sefer Chassidim תשנב that says it is inappropriate to pray for personal needs before davening. I currently get up before davening and say korbanos, ketores and Perek Shira. Then I say a small tefilla for parnassah. All this before Shacharit. Many times before netz/sunrise but not exclusively.
I didn’t find if this Sefer Chassidim has been incorporated in mainstream halacha or not. Can you help? Thanks!


I  could not find the sefer Chasidim you are quoting and I personally have never heard of such an idea.

If you would like to make a copy of it and send it, I will try to look into it.

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  1. Hi and thank you.
    This idea can be found regarding the discussion whether or not to say parshas haman after the akeida, before Shacharit, like the tur and shulchan aruch mention or rather say it after davening as is the current custom.

    Here is the Sefer Chassidim

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