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Kashering silicone for Pesach


I’ve been googling the question regarding koshering silicone mats and pot holders, etc. for Pesach. They can withstand the heat of boiling but I cannot find anything in writing…


Silicone mats and pot holders should not be kashered for Pesach, and separate Pesach ones should be used. The reason for this is because silicone is a new material and it is not known if it will indeed expel the absorbed taste that is contained inside it, therefore for Pesach we don’t kasher them.


Igros Moshe O:CH 2-92, The Kosher Kitchen pg. 344, The Halachos Of Pesach ( R’ Eider) pg. 139, Chut Shani (Pesach) 10-11(1).

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  1. But they do withstand much higher temperatures than boiling water. You can bake with them higher than 350 degrees. If the rule is that things can be made kosher if they are koshered at higher temperatures than they become none kosher, than it makes no sense that you cannot boil things like mats and potholders.

    1. The issue is not if it can wirthstand the heat or not, but if it will release the absorbed taste by boiling it up. Since we don’t know that it does, we don’t kasher it.

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