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spots during 7 clean days


I did a hefsek on Fri. afternoon &
don’t know yet if it’s kasher as it hasn’t yet been checked by a Rabbi, however, assuming that it’s ok, Fri. night I felt a very slight wetness & after using the bathroom saw a very tiny dot of reddish orangish on my white underwear that I hadn’t seen before. Is that something that can be disregarded or is relevant in some way? Also in general any kind of spotting during the 7 clean days is ok no matter the color so long as its clearly smaller than a gris? Am I correct? And if the cumulative amount of spots would equal a gris it renders impurity? Please refresh my memory with answers to my questions above, its been a while since I’ve dealt with this due to pregnancy & nursing BH.
I appreciate your help,


My understanding of your question is that you felt the slight wetness on the outside, and when you happen to use the bathroom you found the very tiny dot. Since it is less than a gris you can disregard it. This is because it was not at a time that we might suspect that it was a real hargasha, such as right after using the bathroom or when making a bedikah.  etc. or at a different time that we might suspect that you had a hargasha. Therefore it is regarded as a kesem and isn’t the size of a gris it is fine. If there are a few small dots and they are not touching each other or connected in any then they are not combined to make a gris.



Y:D 190-1,5,8.

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