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I thought a child was not supposed to go to the cemetery during the first year after the death of their parent. How doe this work with an unveiling? Does the child not go? Is the child required to go?


Some people have the minhag not to go to the kever of a parent during the first year. This minhag however does not apply to the unveiling, (hakamas matzeiva), and the child may attend and daven there. The reason for not going to the kever during the first year is because during that period there is din on the neshoma, and it isn’t the proper time to ask the neshoma to daven for us then, unless it is davening for the neshoma of the niftar. However at the time of the unveiling, there is a special zechus for the neshoma, therefore at that time one can daven at the kever,


Shut Maharam Brisk 2-29, Kinyan Torah 129.

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