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Yahleh Veovoy on Shabbos Rosh Chodesh when making an early Shabbos


When making early shabbos this week we said yhale veovo by marrive even though it was not night time yet. I understand we can have tosfos shabbos … but how do we have tosfos Rosh Chodesh isn’t it like a Yom Tov ??
Can we make early shabbos Friday night Erev Peasach ?? I don’t think so. Why not it’s part of tosfos shabbos ??
I guess my actual question is how can we say yhale veovo when making early shabbos when it’s not actually Rosh Chodesh yet.


We don’t have tosfos Rosh Chodesh, however since the person was already mekabel shabbos, for him it is already the next day and therefore he says both ritzei and ya’aleh v’yavo in bentching, even if he bentches before it gets dark.  We do not daven maariv early on Erev Pesach or Erev Succos, and the reason is because the Korban Pesach and the matzoh may only be eaten after it is already night, as the Posuk says “b’erev tochlu matzos” therefore the Kiddush may only be said after it is already night. The reason for succos is because it is compared to Pesach.



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