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Starbucks Coffee House


Hi, I hope all is well. I hope to drive from Atlanta to NY for Pesach starting on Thursday and hopefully arriving before chag begins. I was wondering what the status of a Starbucks Coffee House is on erev pesach- 1) Can I buy a simple coffee after chatzos from Starbucks? 2) Can I continue to drink my coffee that I purchased before chatzos after chatzos? Or, 3) Do I have to throw out my coffee before chatzos to ensure it is no longer in my possession?
Thank you


You should not drink the coffee after zman issur achila (and not merely from chatzos), which is at 11:01 in Atlanta, 10:40 in Buffalo and 10:20 in the Money Brooklyn area.  The reason is because you cannot know what the machine is used for. Chametz is not assur b’mashe’hu until sh’kia, but there might be real taste in the machines from other products that have chometz..

Safe travels!

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  1. Also, isn’t Starbucks not kosher? (It isn’t kosher in my area, but I can’t speak for others.)

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