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Pesach Kashering Of Charcoal Grill


Can a Weber Porcelain -Enamel Charcoal Grill be kashered with libun-kal (and of course the grates with libun Gamur) for Pessach? I already kashered the grill and the grates all properly, however, it just came to my attention that the pit of the grill is made from pocelain-enamel.


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From the pictures you sent, it isn’t clear where the charcoal goes, but if the walls that are made of porcelain are directly up against the coals, or close to them, that part would not need to kasher because the coals are constantly kashering them. However if there are parts of the wall that don’t come in close contact with the coals and they can come in contact with chametz then it would be problematic. As a side point R’ Blumenkrantz writes in the Pesach Digest that Charcoal briquettes are sometimes bound together with starch, and some companies use recycled charcoal which was previously used to filter whiskey. Therefore people should not use charcoal briquettes  to barbeque food on Pesach. Lump charcoal is permitted.







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