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Shloshim calculating


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My sister passed away last Friday in Israel March 23 .2018 buried in Israel Sunday 25
We start shiva Sunday morning March 25 in NY
First question : is correct suppose to start shiva same day of passed away as we are not attending funeral
Second question : when the shloshim will be finished if passover will not terminate the Shloshim
Thank you very much


If there was someone in the family that did sit shiva on Friday, then you can be included in the fact that shiva started already. In that case you would finish shiva on Friday morning, and the Yom tov would finish the shloshim. However if no one sat until Sunday, then it is as if shiva started then. Therefore technically it would continue until Shabbos morning, and the Yom Tov will only finish the shiva. You would however reduce one day of the shloshim, because the Yom Tov makes it like you already observed seven days, then the chag itself is another 8 days, making it 15. Then you would have another 15 days after that to finish the shloshim, which would be Monday 8 of Iyar, April 23.

Hamakojm YInachem Eschem B’toch Shar Aveilei Tzion V’yerushalayim


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