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inclusion of chametz locations / areas During the Mechrah


Often, when I go to my Ruv he asks me” So, what are we selling?” and I try to remember off the top of my mind what I want to sell, like my medicine chest,shed, storage closet, etc. My question is, if let’s say I reminded myself that I wanted to sell the freezer downstairs after filling out the Machira do I have go back and add it in? Or is it somehow included anyway?
2) Also, Regarding my kitchen cabinets, I use some on Pesach and sell some, do I have to write which ones ? Or, is it enough that I include “kitchen cabinets” without defining which ones. Thanks !


1.It is better to write down all the places that you are selling, however it also says that you are selling any place that has chometz. Therefore you don’t have to go back to the Rov to write it in.

2. The cabinets that are being sold should be marked with a sign, “sold to goy”, and for the future write in th contract “kitchen cabinets that are marked sold to goy”. Aside form this those cabinets should be taped or locked in a way that you can’t mistakenly open them.

Chag Kasher V’sameach


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