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Wash clothes after bedikah chomitz?


  1. Can I Wash clothes in wash machine after bedikah chomitz?
  2. There’s a small amount of water build up on sink back of water taps will it be okay to kosher ? White & hard.
  3. Could I drink cold water if sink is not koshered or is sink and taps separate? MAny thanks.


  1. You may do laundry after bedikas chometz, until chatzos of erev pesach.
  2. Try to get it off, but if it is difficult it is o.k.
  3. The water coming out of the sink tap is not chometz even if it wasn’t kashered, and it is permitted to drink.



1. M:B 468-6, Kovetrz Halachos (pesach) 14-8,

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