Is there an ענין not to pour backwards/underhanded because that is what the chevra kadisha does? If so why do we refrain from tahara-like activities?


I don’t know of any sefer that brings a source for this custom, it is possible however that it is related to “Al tiftach pe l’satan”. Although we don’t know of a source for this, nevertheless we shouldn’t be mezalzel in it, as the Rashba (Shut 1-9) says that we “shouldn’t be mezalzel in the minhagim of the old women, because there was a reason for it even though nowadays we don’ know it.this would be similar to what some poskim write regarding the custom not to walk over a child, that although we don’t know the source of this custom we still should not be mezalzel in it.


Meir Oz pg. 150,  Be’er Moshe 8-36 (1).

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3 Responses to “Pouring backwards”

  1. Rabbi, when you say not to walk over “the body of a child” are you referring to a living child? Please clarify. Thank you.

    • You are right, I meant a living child.

  2. Thank you, Rabbi.

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