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Suing a frum psychiatrist in beis din


Are there special dinim regarding suing a psychiatrist, since he is a doctor?
I saw a frum doctor, a psychiatrist for 5 years, and he did not help me overcome the issue. He made it worse. In fact, when I found other treatment from another doctor I thought would be better, the first doctor said I shouldn’t go to that other doctor because he could do the same thing. Now I called the second doctor, and he said he’s not taking patients anymore, so I can’t see him. Can I sue the first doctor for cost of seeing him, plus damages of stopping me from getting working treatment, emotional pain of hopelessness and humiliation, and loss of work?


The dinim aren’t any different, and you would have to prove that he is the actual cause of the damages that you are claiming, and it will not be easy for you to do that. Since he is a froum person you may absolutely not go to a secular court, unless the bais din allows you to do so. May H-shem help you resolve all of your problem and difficulties quickly.


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