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Under what circumstances am I allowed to cut my facial hair during the Omer?


My facial hair is beginning to become a nuisance, in particular my mustache, which is now extending down my upper lip into my mouth. If it becomes a source of semi-constant irritation, am I allowed to get it cut prior to the Omer ending?

Additionally, if my appearance is no longer professional and my work requires a formal look, would it be permissible to likewise cut the hair?


If it extends into your mouth, and it interferes with your eating it is permitted to cut during the omer.

Regarding cutting your hair, I don’t know your situation, the general rule is that if you are afraid that it will cause you a financial loss it is permitted to cut.


O:CH 551-13, Kovetz Halachos (Sefira)10-3,4, in the name of R’ A. Kotler zt”l.

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