I were hearing aids n When I want to be the שליח ציבור-leading the prayers people don’t want because of my hearing aids so I want to know what’s the truth am aloud to or not most of the time the question whose on shabas


A person that wears a hearing aid, and he hears with it , and he is able to communicate with other people, may be a shaliach tzibbur l’chatchila. The reason is because he now is able to hear and he is considered to having daas. He may even be the shaliach tzibbur on Rosh Hashana or Yom Kippur.


Sharei Teshuva O:CH 53-9, Halacha Berura O:CH 53-28, Shaul Shoal 53, Nesivos Chaim O:CH 53-25.

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