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Cramming for study


Dear Rabbi,

Are there halachaic comments on study cram? What about jobs that require you to keep hours longer than a normal sleep-wake cycle?

I do realize that on Shavuous we have long always kept up all night to study Torah.

This is my opinion that any cramming over 1 1/2 hours after bedtime is risky as well as even a job as a physician may be difficult for many. The sleep we have requires a dream to hope and also normal health to restore the mind.

In all, a hard feeling is my own sleep deprivation from the past may be responsible for a sleep disorder I currently have as well as hours I had as a physician. I sleep no regular hours but at 4-6 hour daily spurts which are not any given time to predict wake or sleep hour.

Would wonder the halacha and as a physician I am realizing the limits. Fortunately in medicine today, there are now limits on the soul to work. I was present when even a 36 hour shift was not unheard.

Hard but I am curious our halacha. Thanks.



When a person works for someone else he is not allowed to go to sleep too late, if it will impair his ability to give his full concentration to his job on a constant basis  . However if a person is cramming, and it will not affect his work, I don’t see a problem with it, as long as it done often enough that it effects his health. This to a certain degree will depend on the individual person.



CH:M 337-20, Pischei Choshen (Sechirus 7- ftnt 27.

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