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Is there any reason to be an Agun?


I am familiar with the difficult problem of being a Aguna of which there is much literature. what is the practical halachic process in a case where it is the woman, after a civil divorce is complete, refuses to cooperate in accepting a Get?


Technically by biblical law a man may marry two women, however here is something called cherem d’rabeinu gershom, which is a prohibition against polygamy. There is however an option called a “heter meah rabbanim”, meaning that if there are 100 Rabbis that sign that it is permitted for her to remarry, then if it is dםne correctly the man may remarry.

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  1. “heter meh rabbanim”,
    Should read: heter me’ah rabbanim

    “if there are 1000 Rabbis that sign…”
    Should read: 100 rabbis

  2. Even with a היתר מאה רבנים, the husband must still tender a get to a shaliach who informs the wife that it is available.

    1. That is correct. As part of the “Heter Me’ah Rabbanim” process, the husband has a Get written up, and appoints the Beis Din as his agent to hand her the Get. Beis Din will then inform the wife that it is available.

      Regardless, the husband is then free to remarry, whether the woman agrees to accept the get, or not.

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