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My wife has recently given birth to a baby girl and we are trying to decide on names. We both love the name “Leah” but the meaning “tiredness/weary” and indeed the story of Leah being unloved in the Torah makes us not want to use the name. This is even more true as she is very premature and will be in hospital for a long time. Is there a hidden more positive meaning to the name?


Mazal Tov, may you have much nachas from her.

Regarding your question, Leah is a wonderful, beautiful name, she was the mother of Yehuda, Dovid Moshiach, Moshe Rabeinu, Aharon Hakohen,,all the Kohaniim gedolim, and all the Rabbis who were to a large degree from the tribe of Yissachar . She gave birth to most of the prominent, main tribes, and was the only one buried together with Yackov Aveinu in the Mearas Hamachpela. She was the paradigm of a successful mother who had great merits. Don’t have any fear naming her after such a great person.

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