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Giving tzedaka to your own children for a procedure


I owe tzedaka money from my parent’s (zl) yerusha. Our daughter and son-in-law, married several years already, are unlikely to have children without the help of IVF. He has just discovered a rare medical condition that requires further treatment before they can even start. We live in a country where medical care is free, but the waiting time can be seriously cut if paid for, and IVF is unlikely to be covered. Am I allowed to give the tzedaka to them to help the process, even though it will IYH benefit our family with a child/children? Or do have to give it to a different cause (which feels a bit strange when they need it…)

Many thanks!



If your daughter financially eligible to accept tzedakah, and that is what it sounds like from your question, then it would be permitted to give them maser money for this. Even though they might be able to get the services that they need at a later date, it is a mitzvah and therefore a need to do it as soon as they can. Therefore it is a very important cause, to give your maser money to them.

May we all be zoche to hear besuros tovos soon..


B’orach Tzedakah pg. 342 teshuva from R’ Eliyashiv zt”l

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