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Bruises on chicken


I sometimes find small purplish bruises on the chicken or a bit of reddish, bloody looking spots. Especially if I buy chicken parts and they cut through the bone instead of by the joint, I’ll see red blood stains on the meat surrounding this bone. What to do in these cases? Also, what if you noticed such things after chicken was mixed with vegetables in pot and these spots may have touched the vegetables but not yet cooked? And what if you noticed this only after chicken was cooked, either whole or in pieces? Can it be eaten in any of these cases? Getting all my questions in at once. Thank you.


It is difficult to answer such a question without actually seeing the chicken; but in general, the dark red spots on the chicken wings and legs. are usually not an issue. This is because these things usually happen from the plucking machine, when the chicken was already dead, and therefore it would not render it a treifa.


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