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Halacha of flags and banners


Dear Rabbi,

When King David established his kingdom, does the bible indicate he used a flag to denote its exist. There is only one verse in the bible that mentions a flag. Isaiah 19:6.

And the rivers shall become foul, and the canals of Mazor shall be emptied and dried up; the reeds and flags shall wither.

If I as a jewish adult wish a flag display and of course proper is world and state custom, am I required to discuss the flag with my father. If so or not, it seems Torah seems to include rights one may choose his national, state, fraternity and peaceful allegiance.

Hope this merits discussion.



When the Jews were in the desert (Numbers 2) each tribe  had it’s own flag and identity. The flag in  way was to show that each tribe had it’s own job and purpose.


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