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The seller would not sell if he knew why I am buying it


May I buy many tickets for an event (e.g. concert) to resell them [if there is no rule/ law against it] if I do not live in that area? If they would know that I do not live there, they would not sell me the tickets since they want to sell the tickets to people from their area directly. If I have a house in that area, but do not live there, and I list my mailing address as from there, they will “assume” that I live there. May I buy tickets? They are assuming that I live there and what I am doing is totally legal. Howver, if they would know my facts they might not sell it to me. But what is the problem with “if they would know the facts” if what I am doing is totally legal (although they would “prefer” that I don’t)? Please advise. What is the halacha?


Answer from Horav Y. Fleishman shlit”a

I would think that if they didn’t say anything it indicates that they don’t mind too much. The Gemoro says that if something unforeseen takes place the contract can’t be broken because if someone really wants a condition he needs to specify that so here too if they want a condition they need to speak it out


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