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Men Grooming


I saw questions on your website about men shaving their legs and eyebrows if someone is really embarrassed. Is it more lenient for men to shave or laser areas that women would never shave (such as their back, shoulders or chest) even if they are only slightly uncomfortable or embarrassed?


It is controversial among the poskim. Some poskim say that since women don’t shave  there, since they don’t grow hair in those parts, therefore it is not doing an act of beauty that women do. However, many other poskim say that the prohibition also includes doing acts that will make a man look similar to women, and since after shaving these parts it will give the man a womanly look, therefore it is not permitted. The poskim who permit shaving such areas will permit it even if the man is not uncomfortable, however those who prohibit it will only allow it if the person is really embarrassed by it.



Maharsham 2-243, Igros Moshe Y:D 2-61, See Kovetz Teshuvos 1-81(2) that both parts are included in the prohibition, also see Ohel Yackov (Lo Tilbash) pg. 304 quoting R’ Nebenzahl shlit”a, Vdaraashta Vchakarta 4 Y”D 9-2. Btzel Hachochma 5-126-127. R’ B. Forst shlit”a.

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