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The mitzvah of cutting nails applies every erev Shabbos, but the mitzvah of cutting hair, according to the Rama, is only if it is long. Is there any inyan or hiddur discussed in sefarim to get a haircut every erev Shabbos (even to snip off a little hair l’kavod Shabbos)?


Not that I am aware of. Do you know of any such sources?



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  1. Well, see Shulchan HaTahor, 260:8 that the saintly Reb Tzvi Hirsh of Ziditchov would usually take a haircut every Friday, and doing so is praiseworthy.
    But in my personal opinion, it is somewhat strange and unnecessary to get a haircut every week.

    1. It would appear from the fact that all the other poskim didn’t do this, that this is the halacha.

  2. Piskei Teshuvot, 260, note 58. The Knesset HaGedola (O.C. 260) writes that “it is a widespread custom that one should take a haircut every Friday.”

    1. The minhag in klal yisroel at least nowadays is not to do this. If you really insist on doing it you may.

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