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Borer Issues


Regarding Borer :
1. When pouring juice out of a bowl of salad/tuna can – is that considered Borer בכלי?
2. I understand that it is not Borer if salad/tuna can fall out also when pouring out the juice . But do you need that למעשה the salad/tuna to fall out or it is enough that (although his true רצון is just to get the juice out) you would be OK if salad/tuna fell out ?
3. Assuming it is normal for atleast some or perhaps many/most to eat chicken without the skin ; Would taking off the skin of the chicken be considered בורר?

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  1. The actual pouring of the  juice from the salad of can of tuna depends on how it is done. If you are using a spoon to keep the salad from falling out, or the lid of the can to help you spate the juice from the tuna, that is borer and not permitted, because you are being assisted with by an instrument. If you are only using you hand to regulate how much juice comes out, that would be permitted as long as there is a steady flow of juice however when the juice starts to merely drip that would be actual borer. Therefore make sure to stop before it gets to that, and when you see the flow starting to slow down or get thin stop pouring.
  2. If the tuna actually falls out then you took good and bad together and that is permitted, however I am not familiar with a heter of it being able to fall out.
  3. You are allowed to remove the skin from the chicken if you are planning to eat the chicken during that meal. This is because something that is considered like a peel, is allowed to be removed, i.e peeling an egg or orange, if it is done for the meal that you are about to eat.


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