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Year of mourning in year with two adars


My husband is in mourning for his father who passed away on 12 Sivan this year. Next year there are two adars. When does his mourning period end? 12 Iyar of next year is twelve months, I think?


The mourning period ends after 12 months from the funeral, even if it is leap year, therefore if the funeral was on 12 Sivan, then the mourning period will finish at the end of 11 of Iyar, but f the funeral was at a later date it will be according to that date. The yahrtzeit however should be observed on the 12 of sivan, even I the burial was at a later date



Taz 402-9, Shach ibid 10, M:B 568-44, Y:D 391-2, Taz ibid -1.

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