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Immersion blender


I rented an apartment with clear stipulation that I was allowed to use everything.
On my last day there I used a stick/ immersion blender. It worked ok but I could not separate the two pieces. The blade from the motor. A neighbor was able to separate it and then plugged it in to see that it still worked ok. It did!

But when the owners came back- 2 weeks later they said the immersion blender was broken and they want complete compensation for it

Am I obligated to pay?
I really wasn’t negligent using it. I just used it in the normal fashion.
On a side point, This blender they have comes along with a measuring cup and second blade thereby increasing the value. Should I be paying altogether and should I be paying for a whole package deal that I didn’t break because it comes altogether?


Answer from Horav Y. Fleiahman shlit”a

If what you write is true you don’t have to pay for two reasons- say it wasn’t broken by you

  1. even if it was you used it in the usual manner which means it is meiso machmqas melocho and you are potur

However, it is impossible to rule w/o hearing two sides of a story.


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