The mishna in sukkah says that if a sukkah is built on a wagon (agalah) you can use it for all days of the chag. Does the same halacha apply to a car or truck? Can one go into a sukkah in the back of a truck on all days of the chag?


Yes it also applies to a car or truck. One may make a succah on the back or a truck however the succah has t be strong enough that it can stand up to regular winds that would come to the top of a truck. It is permitted to go on to the truck on shabbos, because a truck is a kli shmilachto l’issur, (an item that is designated to do issur things on shabbos), which is permitted to move when being used for a use that is permitted on shabbos or yom tov. This is in contrast to making a succah on the back of an animal, that one may not go into it on yom tov because we are not allowed to climb on an animal on yom tov.



Succah 22b,O:CH 622-2.

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