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Metal peeler that was inherited from a non religious Jew, does it need to be kashered?


We inherited a peeler, which has metal blade. The owner was not Shomer Shabbos. Aside from Tvilah issue, what about Kashering. Is there an issue of “duchka d’sakena’ or anything else?
Thank U


There is no need to do anything else besides for toveling the peeler. Even if the vegetables that were peeled had tevel issues with them, we do not say that any taste was imparted from the vegetable i.e. potatoes, carrots or cucumbers., since we don’t use a peeler for sharp vegetables, such as onions, garlic etc. Therefore it does not need kashering at all.


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    1. Good point. However it would only be an issue if the person who inherited the peeler will actually use it the peel radishes, otherwise it would be alright. Secondly, it isn’t very common for people to peel radishes, (many people don’t even eat radishes, and even if they do eat them, it doesn’t mean that they peel them first). Therefore it isn’t clear that there is any bliyos of radish there in the first place, therefore it is only a safek of an aino ben yomo.

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