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grilling non pas Yisroel wraps to make them pas Yisroel?


I am a chef and I work in the local farmers market with a skillet and grill and I make egg wraps. I bought non pas Yisroel wraps which are very gummy and stretchy (not a good texture) and I put the wraps on the grill to shrink them down, color them darker and dry them out which changes the product overall. I would not sell the wraps the way they come since for my purposes the wrap is not edible for my product. By putting it on the grill am I making them pas Yisroel? I have been told that super pretzels are not pas Yisroel but since they are made to be eaten hot that if you buy it in the store frozen then it becomes pas Yisroel once you heat it. I tend to think this falls under the same logic. What’s the Halacha?


Based on what you are describing, it would seem that you are correct. Since the wraps still need some baking, if a Jew will finish that it will exempt them from being considered pas paltur.


Y:D 112-12.

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