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Do we say Shehechianu on Nectarines?


Do we say Shehechianu on Nectarines, or are they a hybrid of a peach and something else?
Are all hybrid fruits patur from Shehechianu?
Today, all fruits are being combined with other varietals to create improved flavor and other qualities — the Pink Lady apple (HoneyCrisp elsewhere in the world) was created through cross pollination of various apple species.

Since it was all apples and apples, that gets a Shehechianu?


It is questionable if we say shehechiyanu on klayim or not, therefore we don’t say shehechiyaun on klayim. However the poskim say that this only applies to the actual tree that was grafted, however if the  seed’s of those fruit’s replanted, that wewould say sheheciyaun on them. Therefore we do say shehechiyanu on a peach, and most other fruits because of this reason.


Chazon Ish Klayim 3-7, Halichos Shlomo Teffilah 23-18, Ohr L’tzion 2-14 (45), Piskei Teshuvos 225-14.

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