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fish with garlic cooked in clean fleishig pan and reheated in clean milchig frying pan. Status of milchig pan?


Fish was cooked in fleishig pan together with garlic.
Next day reheated fish in milchig frying pan.
Is milchig frying pan treif?
Neither the fleishig nor the milchig pans were used in 24 hours before this.


The fish is permitted to eat but the milchig frying pan needs kashering, (if that is possible).

The reason the fish is permitted is because the milchig frying pan was not a ben yomo, and the halacha is that b’dieved if a non ben yomo was used it will not render the food treif. ( We will not consider the fleishig garlic to be sharp and absorb the milchig taste into it, because by the time it got into the milchig pan it was already cooked and no longer sharp.

The frying pan though is different.  The garlic absorbed the taste of the fleishig pan, and even though it wasn’t a ben yomo, since the garlic is a sharp vegetable, it makes the “old“ taste like new, and it considered as if the garlic was fried in a ben yom pan. Therefore when the fleishig garlic was fried in the milchig pan it gave the milchig pan taste of fleishig, therefore it needs koshering.


Y:D 96-1,2, 94-4.

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