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hilchos Shabbos


After lighting candles I forget to put away matches and there are little children who are around that find it tempting. What is the halacha pertaining item that can be a sakana. What is the muktza status?


The matches are still technically muktza even if they are in a dangerous place, however when they can cause danger we are allowed to move them in order to prevent damage. It is preferable to move it indirectly, (with a knife, spoon etc., on to a plate) and take it somewhere safe. If this is difficult to do, then it may be removed regularly.

This is all in retrospect, however one has to be careful not to leave dangerous things around when they have small children, aside from the fact that by forgetting to move the matches one is causing themselves to violate the issur of muktza every week. Therefore you should try to set up the situation in a way that this will not happen. For example, when setting up the candles, the matches should be put on a shelf, and the match can be struck from there. Or by having your husband or one of your children move them to a safe place after you light. This way you are being careful that this should not repeat itself.


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