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I have seen references and stories regarding rabbis and others who would receive contributions for assisting people by healing them, their relatives, influencing events in the world through prayer and other activities which would be considered by some people to be wonders or miracles.

Many years ago I was told that it is not good to say that one is a miracle worker.

So, what is a person with such talents and abilities halachically allowed to do in this day and age in order to support themselves and their family financially engaging in such activities?

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There are many stories about great Rabbis and extremly pious people that were able to perform miricles and wonders, however they didn’t do these things for money, and as a source of livelihood. Even those Rabbis that did take money, it was usually in order to distribute to the poor and not for personal gain. However we have to be extremely wary about people that portray themselves as “miracle workers” to the public, especially if they will only to it for a fee. Most of them are charlitans and dishonest, and end up fooling thier customers. to add to this, even if they are able to do wonders, unfourtunately some of these unscruptulous people are doing it via energies that are based in sorcery, etc., something that the torah absolutely forbids. For more information on this topic, you can read a book printed by one of today’s greatest kabalists, Rabbi Yackov Hillel shlit”a, the head of the ahavat Shalom Yeshiva in Jerusalem, called “Faith and Folly”. It can be purchased in many Jewish book stores or on Amazon.

In light of the above even if someone feels that he has these talents, he should find a differant way to support himself.

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