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Ktav for Sta”m


Shalom. What exactly is Ktav “Vellish”/Script? What are it’s origins and when was it first used? How come Sephardim who use Vellish script (for Tefillin, Mezuzot, etc…) don’t use Ktav Bet Yosef, if the Bet Yosef who is the Mechaber was himself Sephardi? Thank you.


The “Vellish” script is otherwise known as the Sefardi script, and it is mentioned in Mor Uketzia, ( R’ Y. Emden) and in other seforim. It has a very old mesora, though I don’t know exactly how old. The reason some sefardim donm’t use Bais Yosef script is because they already had the mesora to write with this one.

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