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Segula for having children by saying Perek Shira for 40 days


Hi. I have heard that reciting perek shira every day for 40 consecutive days is a segula for having children.
Is this true? And if so does it in entail reciting the whole perek shira every day or just different portions.



It is difficult to say anything about this segula, because I have never heard or seen anything about this.  There are sources that saying shiros, v’tisbachos- (praises of H-shem) before alos, that that is a segula to have children, however the idea of specifically 40 days, I haven’t heard of.

As a side point, it is brought in seforim regarding saying perek shira, that the main point of it is to understand what is being said, and that it can be said over the period of a week.

May HKB”H help everyone to have children talmidei chachmim, oskim b’torah ub’mitzvos.


Sefer SegulasYisroel Ma’areches Bays -31.

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