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Thank you for explaining. Is it okay for me to remember my accomplishments and be proud of them? Or does that diminish the reward? I think it helps me to build myself by thinking of my strengths because then I feel stronger and more capable of doing more good. It also makes me more confident and peaceful about myself and that helps me relate better to other people. Common sense would seem to say as long as I don’t think my accomplishments make me better than other people then it’s okay to focus on my strengths and feel good about myself. I don’t want to do anything wrong though. I’m too obsessive and worried about this subject to know how to approach it correctly. Please tell me what I’m supposed to do? Thanks.


You got it very right! Yes you hould feel good and ackomplished with the good that you did, but on the other hand it doesn’t make you “better” than other people or more deserving than them. because after all, we are only doing the job we were sent to do.

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