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Photography for non tznius fashion blog


Someone in my community asked me to take photos for them for their fashion blog. The clothing they are wearing are not tznius at all. Am I allowed to take photos for them? Do you think it’ll be encouraging them to dress untznius? She will be paying me and I really need money for Shana Bet so it’ll help me out a lot. I just want to know if it’s allowed or not



It is problematic, because not only is it encouraging not tznius dress, but it is creating the actual not tznius pictures, which will then be used to help people dress not tznius.

May H-shem help you that you should find other ways to pay for your shana bet, and you should have a very successful year.


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  1. I would add, that it is problematic, due to the fact that it is creating not tznius pictures, which will then be publicly disseminated, and cause people to have immoral thoughts.

    I add my blessing that Hashem should help you find a way to earn “kosher money”.

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