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mezuzah on the Bungalow


Mezuzah on a bungalow needs a bracha?


The assumption is that you are asking regarding a bungalow located outside of E. Yisroel that is being rented for more than 30 days.

If you are renting the bungalow for more than 30 days then the mezuzah would need a bracha, however it is controversial when you should put it up, and when you should make the bracha. What is preferred is to put up the mezuzah right away, and after 30 days either remove it and re-affix, or at least move it a little, and then make the bracha.

Here is the reason. The Shulchan Aruch says that outside of E. Yisroel, a person that rents an apartment does not need to affix mezuzah for the first 30 days, as it is not yet considered his place of dwelling. There are a number of poskim that rule this way, and say that it should not be affixed until 30 days. Many have the minhag to do like this. Other poskim argue and say that although one isn’t obligated to put up the mezuzah until 30 days, however if one wants, he may put it up earlier and even make a bracha. Others say that if the bungalow is rented with a legal contract and the landlord cannot legally kick the tenant out, that it would need a mezuzah right away.

Other poskim say that say that it is preferred to put it up right away, and then after 30 days, move the mezuzah a little, and if possible to remove it, re-affix it, and then say the bracha. This is what should preferably be done.

If you rent this bungalow on a steady basis, every year (and you have been doing it already a number of years) the mezuzah should be put up right away. (See Sharei Hamezuzah 4-10, Chovas Hador -3 ftnt 18).

If one is renting the bungalow from a Jew he may not remove the mezuzas when he leaves.


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