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I am interested in the orthodox commentary and feeling about the space program we are witnessing. Interesting I have noted that of course we have landed on the Moon in the years from 1969-1972. Mr. Nixon who resigned was the only president during the lunar walks. They took place twice in Av (once on the 9th of Av) and once in Kislev, She’vat, Iyyar and Tevet,

Does a jew have differences in his davening if there is ever a lunar walk while he is to make a consecration of the new moon? I find is unusual but as of today, we have not hate a walk during our holiest of months on the lunar calendar if that is of Hashem’s plan.

Curious. I am firm in thought that Israel and a jewish neshama is wise not to leave the holy earth for space travel. Has this been a halachaic conversation to advise the orthodox?

In any sense, it is funny because man will go to great heights in his science and his wonder of the universe. As jewish feelings myself, I can strictly note that I find this slightly a marvel, somewhat useful but often a little wonder about ire from Hashem upon our being.

In any odd thought, if Mr. Nixon’s presidency ended so poorly, could one wonder if the sacred office was effected by what may be ever the holy moon an invaded being?

Odd curiousity but one wishes a care to ask the rabbinate the impressions of Israel on the immediate space travel interests and concerns.

Is there halacha we should know to daven when man is in outerspace and if ever (cv’s) it be a jewish soul, what does Israel wish to include in prayer?

Sincerely yours.


Your observations are very interesting. I never heard it from the angle of when in the year it happened. Regarding saying the blessing on the moon, it it will not change because people walked on it, as the blessing is because of the fact that the moon rejuvinates itself every month.

I agree with you, it is dangerous for a person to try to visit the moon, it was not made for people to walk around, and if there isn’t a very important reason it shouldn’t be done. We can’t know what the intentions of heaven are and if this affected President Nixon’s presidency.

You definitely can daven for people that are in space, that they should be safe and return to earth safely.

Best Wishes

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