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Donating money that one didn’t earn


Our parents (may they live in good health to 120) are living basically off their savings, my mother’s pension and the little teaching that she does. My father often – when he experiences medical relief – phones us to ask us to give charity for him, and when we go and see him then he asks our mother to repay us or we have to ask her ourselves. We are worried that (a) he is giving money that possibly isn’t really his to give, (b) his age (almost 90) may be contributing to a lack of judgement and that he is inflating the amounts. Obviously giving charity is a wonderful thing and a great segula, and also the fact that he has control over this probably contributes to his self-esteem. However, notwithstanding this, what is the right thing to do?


You don’t have to worry, because the money most probably belongs to your father in any case. The savings most probably was from your fathers earnings, and even the money from your mothers pension and teaching would technically belong to your father. Besides for the fact that you asked your mother and she gave it to you. Therefore what you ae doing is correct.

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