I forgot to remove the sticker on a pan. Do I need to re toivel with a bracha or without?


Before deciding if the poan needs a bracha for the second tevila, we have to determine that the pan indeed has to be toveled again. It will depend on what kind of sticker is on the pan. If it is a sticker that you would not want on the pan, then it is a chatzitza and you would tovel the pan again with a bracha.  (If you made a hefsek between the first and second tevila, however if you would have toveled it right away without talking out, then it would be without a bracha). However if the sticker is something that you would want to keep on the pan, (i.e. a sticker with the company’s emblem, which shows how expensive the pan is) then it isn’t a chatzitza and you wouldn’t have to tovel the pan again.


Chelkas Binyomin 120-114, in the name of Issur V’heter.

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