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Isn’t it a chutzpah to ask Hashem for forgiveness?


Isn’t it a chutzpah to ask Hashem for forgiveness? I understand the importance of Viduy and expressing remorse and commitment for the future, but isn’t it an outright chutzpah to ask for forgiveness? Shouldn’t we accept responsibility and accept the consequences and continue to feel shame and remorse? Why should we expect forgiveness?


You are right from our perspective it would be a chutzpah to ask Him for forgiveness. Why should He give us forgiveness, aftrer all He created us, and He sustains us every minute of the day, has provided for us from the day of our creation, He formed us, and provided us with everything that we have. He owns everything that we come in contact with, (since He created it), in His gratiousness He lets us use them. There are certain things however that He instructed us how we are to use His things, and we had the nerve not to listen!? This is all true, but it is forgetting one important point, Hash-m wants us to do teshuva, and He even commanded us to do teshuva. He also told us that he will accept our teshuva. More than that… He also created teshuva before creating the world, so juist in case we get into a situation that we did so many sins that we think that that in natuire there is no hope for us, we have to know that the the system of teshuva is above the rules of this world and above nature. Therefore, we have to do our part and He will lovingly do His.


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