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Picking up previously purchased stockings in the Nine Days.


My wife payed for a pair of stockings before the Nine Days. Store will only deliver a few days later, during the Nine Days. Is it permissible for my wife to receive and wear them during the Nine Days? Thanks in advance!


You are allowed to receive the stockings during the nine days, because you already paid for them. However they should not be worn until after T‘bav. It may however be worn on Shabbos. The reason it is permitted on shabbos is because according to all opinions we are allowed to change undergarment, which are meant to absorb sweat for shabbos. The Biur Halacha says that we may also wear new undergarments l’kavod shabbos. This would include stocking and socks, therefore they may be put on for shabbos..


O:CH 551-6, Biur Halacha ibid, M:B ibid 6.

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