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Can I dispute the cc charges


We purchased new Shaitels for my daughter before she got married, she preferred buying synthetic hair, but only if it would be reasonably manageable, have a sensible quality and look good. The shaitel macher highly recommended a certain brand and said she would have to come in with it to wash and style max once a month, and mp she will learn to do it herself. each time we had an appointment we literally sat there for hours sometimes even 4, until our turn which was a distracted 15-30 minute time. when my daughter tried the shaitels she complained that it doesnt fit her right but they said that she will eventually get used to wearing it. Lmaseh when it came to sheva brochos the shaitels looked very very bad, it didnt fit right and the style didnt hold. We went back to her, again taking time off from work and sitting there for a very long time, she said she will stretch it to make it fit and restyled it. The style did not hold for more than a day and the shaitel still did not fit. My daughter ended up wearing only one bad looking shaitel for many months, and at the end bought a non-synthetic one a different place. When we talk to the shaitel macher about it she keeps on saying we should come back in and she will see what she can do, or it is always like this in the beginning or we need to come back at least once a week. and about the size they say we can go to a place who will make it fit for another $75. The problem is that my daughter is so fed up with their service and doesn’t trust them anymore, given all the things they promised. we asked them for a refund for the shaitels that she barely wore but are not cooperating, My question is if at this point I can dispute the charges on my credit card. Thank you very much!


Mazal Tov.  They should ber zoche to biuld a bayis neeman b’yisroel

Regarding your question. This is something that you have to do to a bais din, or to Rov that will mediate between you and the shaitel macher. Question of this type can not be answered without hearing both sides.


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  1. certainly needs a bais din – but in the meantime should dispute charge and remain the muchzak

    1. It seems that the purchase was done months ago, therefore it was assumed that that wouldn’t work.

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