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Negel vasser


Hi, first thank you so much for your website, it’s an invaluable resource and service.

Since I moved to a new apartment 2 years ago I’ve been filling up my negel vasser at the sink inside the bathroom, as there isn’t one outside. It recently occurred to me that this might be an issue. If I have to go till the kitchen to fill it up I will, I’m just not sure if this is a problem or not. If it is a problem, do I need to get a new tepel and shissel or something?


You do not have to go to the kitchen to fill up the water. The reason is because our bathrooms are not like an outhouse, where the dirty matter is still there. Although it is controversial if one may actually wash in the bathroom, and therefore it is better not to, however when one is stuck, such as on an airplane, it is permitted to wash inside the bathroom, (one should wipe his hands and say the bracha outside the bathroom.) Secondly, even according to some of the poskim that one should not wash in our bathrooms, many agree that if the bathroom is used or other purposes that it does not have the status of a bathroom and that one doesn’t have to wash if he just went inside it. Together with the fact that the water being used was only inside the bathroom, and it isn’t there now. Therefore there is no need to be stringent and go the kitchen in order to fill up the washing cup. (If one wants to be extra stringent and not rely on all of the above, they may choose to do so, but there is no obligation to do so.)



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