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Maisar for Kollel fund


If a person has a “Kollel fund” by which profit is put into that fund so that in a number of years a person can go to Kollel to learn. For instance, if a person profited from a stock sale, that money is put away for when he goes to kollel in the future. Does a person have to give MAASAR from that profit which is set aside for his Kollel learning? This fund is a bli nadr fund. If need be it can be used for anything if necessary. But for now its a special Kollel fund.


It is very nice to see that you have the foresight and intelligence to plan ahead, and put away money for future torah study. The mishna says, aizahu chacham, haroeh es hanolad”, this would surely apply to what you are doing. Regarding taking of ma’aser, if you are being supported by your parents, and you have your needs taken care of, then you would be obligated to give ma’aser from your earnings, even though you are saving the money for a great cause, nevertheless, it would not be considered like actually giving it to tzedakah. The money that you give for tzedakah will be paid back to you by HKB”H, as chazal tell us, that a person never loses out from giving tzedakah. The same H-shem that helped you make this money will IY”H help you make a lot more in the zechus of the tzedakah that you will give, and He should help you to be able to learn in kollel, and become a great talmid chacham, and bring up a beautiful Jewish family.

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  1. Thank you for your answer. However, what if one is not being supported by his parents. But supports himself? Would the answer be different? Thank you for your encouragement. Best wishes

    1. Possibly, because if he doesn’t have enough money to support himself he will not be obligated to give maaser.

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