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Vow to God to not cut my hair


I made a vow to God to not cut my hair. I am regretful of this vow because I would like to cut it. I know in the Bible it says that we should not make a vow to God and break it. I was reading online and I am not to sure but on a website it said something about the Torah has things of this nature in it. So because I don’t have a Torah, my question is can I break this vow and replace it with something else for God. The website that I went to said that the ancient Isrealites would put something in place of that vow to God, is this true? I know I am what you would consider a gentile….but I don’t want God to be angry at me.

Thank you for your time



According to Jewish law a gentile is not commanded, like a Jew is, when he makes such a vow. Therefore you can switch it for something else. G-d will not be angry at you for this, but just make sure you keep the seven noahide laws.


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