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Washing clothing for children over 6 who soil their clothing and sheets during the 9 days


Can one wash soiled clothing along with the soiled bed sheets during the 9 days, even for kids over 6? Daytime soiling (underwear and bottoms) and nighttime soiling (sheets and pajamas)

thank you


We are only allowed to wash the soiled clothing of young children who are constantly getting themselves dirty. The age of the child is not really the factor here, but if he is constantly getting himself soiled. If the child soils his pants, sheets very often then it would be permitted, otherwise it should wait until after the nine days. When washing children’s soiled clothing we may only wash what is needed for the nine days, but not for afterwards. The reason for this is because washing for a child is a special leniency, and it only applies where it is needed.



O:CH 551-14, Kovetz Halachos 13- ftnt. 13, R’ Y. Cahen shlit”a.

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