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  1. If someone learned shnei Mikrah v’echad targum on Tisha B’Av are they yotzei?
  2. If not, what about in a year when Tisha B’Av is nidcheh?


If a person said Shnayim Mikra, on Shabbos that was T’Bav, he is surely yotza, as there are numerous poskim who say that it is permitted to say it then, since it is shabbos.  Otherwise there is no difference between T’bav that is a nidche and a regular one. Regardless, even if it was said on T’ Bav (and this year Asara B’av), you do not have to say it again.


Rema 554-4, Magen Avrohom ibid 7, Chayei Adam 136-4.

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